Backstory Edit

Krifpum Pumkrif, in his early years, tried out to be a wizard for a noble court, but failed, as he was taught the wrong spells as a joke. He then turned to being a sellsword with a halfling named Leo Shadow, who went on adventures until eventually they kidnapped a princess named Ansley Foggyfeather of The Isle of Natura. She then joined them, going on many adventures and sitting on potato sacks, buying coats.

Season 1 Edit

That's A Nice Coat Edit

In the town of Edgegate, Krif and his companions found themselves in a tavern on a rainy day. Many people were in the tavern near the end of the day as the party sat in the seediest, dirtiest booth available. Krif approaches the bartender, a man who looks like he has seen a few too many punches to the face, and asks for a shower. Krif obviously doesn't know where he is and the bartender then refuses Krif's offer for a block of wood, takes his 15 gold and ignore him. Ansley pinches bums, Krif steals back gold and dances with lights. A man comes in and they buy his coat, his map and go off to kill the wizard Wundron Norton.